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Proffesional Toastmaster services

Congratulations on your up and coming event. You no doubt want it to run smoothly so that you can enjoy it without stress. Read more about what our professional toastmaster service below.

My role as your Toastmaster / Master of Ceremonies is to ensure your event runs as planned and to time. As a member of the English Toastmasters Association, Tony is trained to a very high standard as in keeping with the professionalism of the association.

Ensuring that all your pre-planning and personal details happen and to time is vital to your events success. We take this one and thus take away all the stress from our clients.
Your event is very special to you and needs to be remembered for the right reasons. Correcting any unplanned issues that may arise at your event without guests or yourselves being aware is part of the service. By hiring Tony, you can be assured of the dedication of a fully professionally trained Toastmaster / auctioneer with over 34 years experience of the weddings & events industry whom therefore can spot any potential issues that may arise on the day and be ready to correct them.

Tony will arrive on the day in his immaculate uniform complete with his English Toastmasters medallion. His professional presence will be on show and his caring and understanding attitude will be demonstrated throughout your special day.

Tony is also pleased to help with many other duties that are not covered by some other Toastmasters. For example, attending planning meetings and to help with correct dress for your event, putting on button holes and making sure that everyone feels comfortable and relaxed on your day. He is also happy to help your photographer to get guests into position for posed photographs and generally help in any way that will make sure that you get the event of your dreams. Please feel free to treat me as your personal assistant for your day, event, wedding or gathering.

The Toastmaster service is available for weddings, autions, banquets and dinners, charity events, proms, balls and other celebrations.

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