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PAUL WARREN in a Tribute to Robbie

Paul Warren 3.jpg

Paul Warren captures the sensational sound, stunning looks, all the wit and eccentric dance moves of this unique superstar.

An amazing talented and versatile performer, Paul interprets the strutting, swaggering style of Robbie Williams exactly how it should be done.

The brilliant vocals perfected to extraordinary standards together with commanding stage presence has produced a highly entertaining and visual show.

Apart from his fantastic voice and appearance, Paul has that extra special something – he’s simply bursting with STAR QUALITY!

His personality and professionalism is a winner with all audiences. He’s fresh, slick and raunchy – his sheer energy sets him apart from others. Without a doubt he’s as close to Robbie as you can get!

From Take That to taking the world, Robbie Williams is the undisputed “King Of Pop”, now Paul Warren’s rendition of this Megastar is virtually irresistible – Hear the hits – Feel the thrills – Experience the outrageous showmanship – Above all, have the time of your life!

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