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Dr Jive

Prescribing Rock ‘n’ Roll
Born 1953 about the same time as Rock’n’Roll into a musical family, my father playing 1st trumpet in the infamous Harry Chatterton Band, and I was constantly bombarded with good music. I took up the trumpet and saxophone and by the age of 10 was able to read and play both, but singing was my real love and soon (1965) was singing in a local group doing the youth clubs etc. When the guitar player failed to turn up once too often, I took up the guitar and being able to sing at the same time and I was sold, soon being introduced to Working Men’s clubs by my father, and I soon realised the potential.
I decided to do the ultimate tribute show to the 1950’s and Dr Jive was born and the idea of a non – stop Swing, Boogie, Doo wop Show was created. I scored all the parts, got all the suits, clobber etc ……..Dr Jive prescribing rock’n’roll………was the new kid in town it was 1988 and no one else was doing tributes…yet.
In my many years in Show Business I have appeared on T.V. twice, singing and playing guitar, in programmes about Northern Clubland, I’ve worked along side Joe Brown, Marty Wilde, and Cilla Black, and have appeared in lots of shows, summer seasons etc.
I ALWAYS ask that they should advertise the act correctly……. Dr Jive – “prescribing rock’n’roll” – It’s what I do and I do it well!

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